Hardware specification


Orange Pi AI Stick Lite

AI Processor

Series of the Chip: Lightspeeur®
Module of the Chip: SPR2801S
High Energy Efficiency: 9.3 TOPs/Watt
Ultra Low Power: 2.8 TOPs @300mW
Best Peak Performance: 5.6 TOPs @100MHz
Hardware Interface: SDIO3.0  eMMC 4.5
Sealed Package of the Chip: BGA (7mm*7mm)
Fabrication Process: 28nm

Type of Connection

USB 2.0,USB3.0  Type-A


read bandwidth = 68.00 MB/s, write bandwidth = 84.69 MB/s

Supported Framework

Caffe, PyTorch, (TensorFolow will be supported soon)

Supported Model


Operating System

X86 Linux(Ubuntu 16.04) ARM Linux  ARM Android(ARM v7,ARM v8)

Working Voltage

DC 5V 200mA

Working Temperature

0° C to 40° C

Storage Temperature

-20° C to 80° C

Physical Dimension

66.5 mm x 20.5 mm x 10.8 mm

Training Tool

Plai™("full-stack"Framework Based on PyTorch)


"SDK of ARM、X86 SDK, Built-in 1-2 model demonstrations;
Model training tool PlaiTM。"


PLAI training tools and related files are provided for free,if you need,pls contact us to get it.

Orange Pi AI Stick Lite - OP0900

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